Philip Soltysiak – River Ripper of the Month

The order for this project was given by the german website ‚‘. They asked me to do a little video about Philip Soltysiak, professional windsurfer from Canada and number 6 of the world, during one of his training sessions at the Danube in Vienna. This video was accompanied by an interview which was done to honor Philip Soltysiak as ‚River Ripper of the Month‘.

Because Stefan Csaky, professional photographer, did a covershoot for the NorthAmerican windsurfing magazine ‚Windsport Magazine‘ with Philip Soltysiak at the same time, there will be a link to the video as ‚QR-Code‘ in the next magazine. The video was publised over the social network ‚‘ and viewed over 7.000 times. It was embedded in various websites and online windsurfing magazines.

Additionally it is available on the Boardseekers Magazine. Because they used an own video player, I don’t know the number of views.


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