Crete – A traveltrip

We (Felix and Clemens) asked so many friends of us for the perfect windsurfing place in Greece. We don’t want to party all night long, we don’t to have constant 50 knots and mast high waves. We want constant and strong wind, flat water, friendly locals and a lot of fun. Ex PWA rider Chris Sammer, Manuel Grafenauer, the guys from our local Surfshop (; all the guys told us to go to Palaikastro, which is located in the east of Crete/Greece. Because we don’t want to miss Finikounda, where we usually spend our summer holidays with our parents and lots of friends, we decided to start a travel trip to crete for about 25 days. Back home, I have to say, that all they guys who told us to go to Crete, were right. It’s a perfect windsurfing place and I want to go back immediately. But pictures usually say more than words, so have a look at our best shots.

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These pictures were taken by Felix & Clemens Hauft at three different spots in the east of Crete next to the beautiful town Palaikastro.

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  1. Andrew Kostik says:

    Hi Guys. As I can see, did you do all the trip with the fabia combi? I have also that car and I am thinking if its OK to go so long trip with boards and that stuff on the roof.


    • Felix Hauft says:

      For us two it was no problem with the car. We had 4 boards and a quiverbag with 6 Sails and 4 masts on the roof. The rest of the equipment like the booms, our clothes, some camping equipment and all the accessories were in the car.
      Hope I could help you with my reply.

  2. Andrew says:

    Hello Felix. That is not problem, I am just with my girlfrientd, usually have just one or two board on the roof and everything else inside. but I was wonderig how about the trip – I mean it must be long time inside the car. My maximum is Prague – Lago di Garda with my dreizylinder Fabia:))) Danke.

    • Felix Hauft says:

      For us it was no problem! From vienna we went by car to venice (6h), than by ferryboat to Patras (36h), than by car to piraeus (2-3h), than by ferryboat to Heraklion (10h) and than by car to Palaikastro (2h)
      Yes, it was a long journey but great fun!

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