PWA Podersdorf 2011 – TowIn Nightsession

This project but it was done in cooperation with the austrian windsurfing scene website ‚‘. I always take the opportunity to capture world’s best freestyle windsurfers, who compete at the PWA Freestyle Event in Podersdorf at Lake Neusiedl. Filming those guys and cutting and editing a videoclip about the event is a great chance to work on my skills. Because of the massive action which was shown by the guys, I decided to cut more than one video and publish them all over the social network ‚‘

The video was watched on vimeo about XXX Times. Because the video was embedded in various websites and online windsurfing magazines, you can see can see the website which had the most loads/plays below. These ‚embedded‘ views have to be added to those on vimeo.


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