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Skiing in Vienna

Today we were skiing in Vienna at the Hohe Wand Wiese. It was really nice although the weather wasn’t as good as on the pic. The skiinglane on the Hohe Wand Wiese in Vienna isn’t really long and not really steep, but it’s an official FIS skiing lane.

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riverrippers.net Photo Contest

Yeah, we did a 3rd place at the riverrippers.net photo contest.
Here the link to the riverrippers.net photo contest !
1. place with 34.4% of all votes goes to Laurent Bironneau/France for his winning shot from the Rhône River.
2. place 33.3% of all votes goes to Yoann for another shot from the Rhône River. Please allow the following comment: it is NOT cool to cruise in front of barges, so never try to do something like seen on the photo bellow !!! Keep your distance instead to all kind of vessel.
3. place with 16.9% of all votes goes to Felix Hauft from Austria for his shot from Danube River taken from a bridge in downtown Vienna. 

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The last week we spent at a ski camp in Donnersbach, Planneralm as teachers. We had really great ski weather, a lot of sun and just a little bit fog and snowfall. At planneralm, there is a well shaped funpark and a lot of freeride lanes. Because of the warm weather, there was a high risk of avalances and so we stayed on the slopes and in the funpark, where we could shoot really nice pictures.

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Frozen Water

In Austria it has been really cold for more than a week. Actually nearly all lakes are frozen, so we could go iceskating on a nearby lake, it’s called „Heustadlwasser“. Today we were iceskating on the frozen Lake Neusiedl. We went to Neusiedl by car, and then skated to Breitenbrunn, Weiden and then returned to Neusiedl. It was really great to skate on these endless wides of Lake Neusiedl. After 2 1/2 hours skating we drove back home.
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Arrived in snowy Vienna

Today we left Finikounda early in the morning around 7 o’clock to Athens. We need about 4 hours to the Airport, where we went into a shoppingcenter because we had a lot of free time. At 15.15 we left the El Venizelos Airport. In the air after 1 hour of the flight, it stareted to snow. In Vienna, it was snowing too, when we landed at Wien Schwechat.
All in all I can just say, that we had a wonderful week in Greece, we have seen a lot of great things, great landscapes, snow in Greece and so on …

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Sun and rain again !

Today in the morning it was really sunny and nice, so we started to walk to Finikounda. The small river, we all know from summer, was after the huge rain in the last days a really big river (Check the pic). At the Alpha Surfstation we had a talk with Klaus and his wife, the owners of the surfschool. We heared lots of rumours about hotels, that should be built in the region of Pylos and Finikounda. In the Navarinobay of Pylos really huge golfplace with hotels for 20.000 guests is going to be built. Also in Finikounda a lot of hotels are planned.
But much more interesting is that in beginning of December 2 really huge waves go over the region of Finikounda. The first wave was about 6,2 metres high, the second wave about 7 metres. They destroyed a lot in Finikounda and one restaurant was even completely destroyed.
When we decided to walk on, it has already started to rain, so we returned to our appartement. In the afternoon we went to Finikounda by car to shoot some pictures. In the evening we returned to Finikounda to eat at „Tokyma“.

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It’s raining

The last two days the weather wasn’t too good, it was cloudy and rainy. So we stay a lot of time in our appartement, and made same walks through the nature. Strong wind from the south brough a lot of waves to the region of Finikounda. Normally you don’t have any waves here, but today the waves were pretty high for these spots (1 or 1 1/2 metres with On Shore wind).
The pretty thing about the rainy weather is, that all the plants are green and fresh, while in summer everything is destroyed by the sun. Tomorrow the weather should be better and maybe we will see some sun too.

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Happy New Year !

First I want to say that the year 2008 was really successfull for us. We had a lot of visitors, and especially for the Podersdorf coverage we got a lot of positive feedback. Our reports about the Surfworldcup was read by more thant 10.000 people, our eventvideo watched by more than 20.000 people. Solong, we wish you a Happy New Year 2009.

Today we want to relax the whole day, so we woke up on 10, had a breakfast and then went to Tsapi with the car. It’s a trip of half an hour to this lonely beach. In the summer there is a lot of motorboat traffic because there is a little taverne, but in winter it’s really silent and lonesome there.
I have to say, that we have really luck with the weather here in Finikounda, because all three days till today were really warm ( about 15-20° ) and with a lot of sun.
Today we had our lunch on the beach.

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Snowy Greece

When we booked the flight and the travel to Finikounda, we dreamed of seeing snow in Greece. Today in the morning we had beautiful weather, so we decided to go to Kalamata and to the Teyghetos mountains to make our dream become true. We went to Kalamata to do a little shopping tour. After lunch at a Goodys restaurant, we went to the mountains. We drove for an hour till we saw the first snow, but just on top of mountains some kilometres away. We went on driving higher and higher and were already a little bit sad that we will not see any snow today. But suddenly, in about 100 metres the landscape changes. Green trees and grass changes to white winter landscape. Crazy ? On the top of one mountain we found a little taverne, which looks a little bit like a „Skihütte“ in Austria. This tavern was about 1500 metres over the sea and it was really cold there. Check out the pictures in the pics section,
In the afternoon we drove back to Finikounda to have dinner and a little „New Year Party“!

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Camping Ammos, Koroni and a swim in the sea

Today was our first day here in Finikounda. In the morning we went to Camping Ammos, where we always stay in summer. We walked around the campsite but it looks so strange for us? We know all the places but it don’t look like normal. Everything is green instead of brown. We met some other campers from Austria and Germany and we met Nikos and Perikles, the owners of Camping Ammos. They were really surprised that we were here in winter. They were a little bit sad because we don’t stay on their campsite. When we were back from our walk to Camping Ammos, we went to Koroni by car. We could shoot really beautiful pictures of the bay of Finikounda and of the snowfields on the Taighettos mountains. After lunch we drove back to our appartement and decided to go swimming. Because Brigitta was already freezing, although it has about 15 degrees in the sun, Ewald and me went to the beach to go to the water. The water wasn’t too cold, but the airtemperature wasn’t too high, so it felt really cold. Actually I am learning for my study, while Ewald and Brigitta went to the supermarket to buy some food. In the evening we will go to Finikounda for dinner. Check out the picturegallery.
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Arrived in Greece

Today, around 12 o’clock, we left Vienna on board of a Boeing 737 to Athens. We couldn’t see a lot from the plane because it was really cloudy the whole flight. At 15:15 we arrived at the airport in Athens and were a little bit surprised about cold and fresh air instead of hot and smoggy weather. There we went to the Hertz rental office to rent a car. About 4 o’clock, it was already dark, we left Athens to go to Finikounda. While we were driving in the mountains between Tripolis and Kalamata we could see some snow. We can’t even believe, because it was our first time that we see snow in Greece. It got late when we arrived at the appartement, so we went to bed to be fit and ready for the next days.
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It’s christmas time

As a present my parents and me fly to Finikounda for a week around the new years day. We are already really excited about this week, about the weather, the landscape and the water. While we stay in Finikounda, Clemens will go to the Hochkar to teach skiing to some kids.
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Winterwonderland in Corinthia

Yesterday we were skiing at the Nassfeld in Southern Corinthia. What a great skiing resort !!! We arrived at the parking lot, which was surrounded by 2 metres high walls of snow. The Nassfeld is actually the skiing resort with the most snow in Austria. There weren’t too much people so we had never to wait long for a lift. We also traveled to the italian side of the Nassfeld, which was really exciting, because suddenly all signs were in italian language.
It was sunny the whole day and we had a perfect view over Corinthia and northern Italy. 
Poorly, Clemens caught a floo. So I skied today only with Nora on the Gerlitzen for three hours before midday. Actually we are sitting in the train and we will arrive soon in Vienna.

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Skiing at the Gerlitzen

The last two days we were skiing on the Gerlitzen nearby Villach in Corinthia. Yesterday the weather was a bit cloudy but in the afternoon we saw some sun too. We could test some skis for free. Clemens took the new Atomic Doubledecker D2 but wasn’t really satisfied about it; too week and not stable enough. I tested the Atomic SL 12 and was really impressed about the agressivity of this ski.
Today we could only ski until miday because of the strong wind on the mountain. The snow is perfect and we had a lot of fun on the slopes and in some freeridesessions. We are really looking forward to our skiing trip tomorrow to the Nassfeld.

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Today we’ll leave Vienna for a weekend!

Today in the late afternoon we will take the train to Villach for a skiing weekend. Actually it’s snowing there, but the weather gets better and better every day, so we should have sunshine at the weekend. This year also a funpark has opened on the Gerlitzen, so we may shoot some great pics from the action in the funpark and from the backcountry. We’ll be back in Vienna on the 23rd of December late evening.
Stay tuned …

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Snow, Snow, Let It Snow !

It’s snowing, snowing and snowing in Vienna. In Corinthia it has snowed over 2 meters in the last week. Some small towns in the south of Austria are not accessible and have no current anymore. We are already looking forward to the next weekend because we will travel to Villach next week to catch some powder. Meanwhile I am playing the ORF Skichallenge which is really funny too. I am actually ranked in the qualfication about position 20.000, but I think with a lot of training, I will get a better result at the race. Keep on rockin!!!
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Epic Session at the Bridge

Today it was our first real Session at the city spot The Bridge. It was really cool and we had a lot of fun. The weather was really great, 20° and a strong south wind. The water wasn’t too cold, about 10°, but shoes and hood were really fine. We parked in Kaisermühlen and went there on the water, the wind there was really bad, so we decided to surf downwind to the other spot on the Danube, The Bridge.

There we met another sailor, Tom, who showed some crazy moves, like onehanded Grubbies or planned spock 540s. We ripped The Bridge until the sun went down and it got cold in Vienna.

There is a really cool story with some pictures about our session at the danube on www.riverrippers.net. Check it out …

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SWC Podersdorf 2008

The wind was the main actor of the Surfworldcup 2008 in Podersdorf. Everybody was waiting if he came, and he came.
Summerfeeling in Podersdorf, thousands of people arrived at the lake to the 10th Worldcup here in Poderdorf. This year the hosts tried to present windsurfing and not only the party. And I think they were successfull. It was the first tourstop for the freestyle pros. Hot rhytms on the beach and Action on the water were preprogrammed when prowindsurfers from all countries of the world arrived at the „Gatschlak’n“.
The windsurfpros had some days to check the Beacharea and the Beachbabes before the contest started. The competiton really started on Saturday. Saturday morning heavy gusts woke up all pros, read flag, contest was on at 8 o’clock. The wind was really gusty and so Headjudge Duncan Coon has to cancel and restart some heats.
Especially the austrians has lots of bad luck, Michi Sumereder has to compete against lightwind specialist Kiri Thode from Aruba, Michi Rossmeier against worldchampion Brawzinho. (Both Austrians lost their heats). The competition went on on sunday. Some minutes before the final heats started, the wind died and it looked like there would be no result here in Podersdorf. In the afternoon the wind donates the hosts 20 minutes, so the single elimination could be finished and Gollito and Brawzinho showed crazy action a few metres in front of the crowd. In the end Gollito won the event in Podersdorf in front of Marcilio Browne, Tonky Frans and Anxton Oteagui. Best Austrians were Michi Sumereder and Michi Rossmeier on 9th places.

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