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Bruch des Darmbeins

Last week I wanted to absolvate my skiing instructor training in Dienten (Salzburg). Unfortunately I had a bad crash on the first day of the training. There had been fallen a lot of snow in Dienten the day before and we had perfect conditions for some powderaction in the backcountry. At the last run I lost control during a turn, lost both skis and crashed against a tree. I couldn’t really move without pain. With the help of my colleges I did it back to the slope, where they called the mountain rescue service. They transported me to the hospital in Schwarzach with a snow cat and an ambulance. In the hospital they told me that I have a broken iliac bone and a great bruise, which you can see on the pic. I spent three days in the hospital until I could left Schwarzach. Now I am at home and the pain is not so strong anymore. I hope I become fit until the easter holidays for some skiing and for the summerholidays for surfing.

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