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Wow, just have seen today that the last update was from September 5th. I am really ashamed, although there wasn’t a lot to report. We went windsurfing for some days at the lake where we got great wind but no pictures. Since October/November I have to do a lot for my study and didn’t have time for surfing.My dad has started to scan all the „old“ pictures from my childhood and found some great pictures, especially from surfing, skiing and good old friends. At the moment we are really looking forward for the winter holidays, where we will go to the Hochkar in lower Austria for some skiing together with Benny, a good old friend. Together we will do some jibbing in the Senoner Park at the Hochkar. We will capture with the GoPro Helmet Cam and our Sony FX7E and cut a great video. The next two weeks are going to be hard with a lot of of studying. Stay Tuned …

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  1. Mei san de zwa liab – da woarns halt no brav.

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