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Epic session in (Ha)weiden

The forecast for today was looking great, the whole week the Windguru and the Windfinder displayed wind around 20 knots from WestNorthWest. Because of this winddirection and because of the mass of surfers in Podersdorf we chose Weiden. We packed the car with 3 Boards (92, 102, 115liters) and 4 sails (4.2, 4.7, 5.3, 5,7m) because we didn’t know how strong the wind would be. Arrived in Weiden we exactly know which eqipment we should choose, as small as possible. The lake was already cooking ;-). While rigging up other surfers come from the water to take sails in 3.8 or smaller, epic!!!  We could sail about 3 hours fully powered up, mostly overpowered and train our highwind skills. Clemens may had the highest jump on „flatwater“ of his career, which was more than masthigh, and I could stuck my first Airjibe on the lake, the first on 4.2 and the first on my Evo 92l. I tried some spocks and speedloops but always bailed due the extremely choppy water and the high wind. Now my whole body hurts because of the detonations on the water after my Speedloop WipeOuts. Because of insufficient wind for the small sails and we didn’t want to rigg up the bigger sails, we derigged our eqipment and went back home. What a day !!!

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  1. You guys were sailing a lot and trained hard. That´s the reason you will land masthigh forwards soon. Keep on going.


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