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Sportpractical Week in Podersdorf

From 20th to 26th June I spent a sportpractical in Podersdorf and we caught some good wind. On the first day there was good wind for 5,3 and my Joker but the real epic day was the second one. Stormy and rainy, gusts up to 46 knots. Perfect conditions for Evo 92 and Global 4.7 to train my freestyle skills in highwind conditions on Lake Neusiedler. I woke up at 7 o’clock in the morning because of the howling wind, than stand up at 8 and was on the water at 8:30 without a breakfast. The wind was really strong and I had a lot of fun with Manuel in Bump and Jump conditions. It was really hard to surf because of the strong rain hurting the face. At 4 o’clock we were so exhausted that we finished surfing for today and ended the day in the PODO with some sparerips.
The rest of the week there wasn’t too much wind but more rain. On Friday evening I left Podesdorf back to Vienna

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  1. ohne frühstück sollst du nicht surfen! 🙂

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