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An afternoon at The Bridge

I have checked the windfinder the whole week for some wind at the weekend but forecast was looking really bad. Suddenly, on Friday evening the forecast was looking good for saturday afternoon. Saturday morning we decided to make a bridge session after lunch. When we arrived at the spot, Manuel Grafenauer, Tom Föda and Hias Höller were already ripping the city spot. I rigged up my new black Naish Force in 5,3m and Clemens his Force in 5,7m. The wind was really gusty, like 5 minutes too light for planning , but the next 10 minutes so strong wind wind that we had problems to handle our too big sails. The level under the bridge was really high, Ponchs, SS Flakas, Esliders and so on were thrown out on the Danube. I could train Volcans and got some tips from the „pros“. It was Clemens first surfday, but he did quite well with his Esliders. In the evening Robert, owner of the local Surfshop „Hangloose“ came after he has closed his shop to throw out some amazing Chachoos, Grubbys and Spocks under the bridge. After 4 hours ripping we finished our session and packed the equipment in the car. The pictures of this session can be viewed under Pics.

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