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PWA Slalom Austria

In the first two days the slalom fleet completet 4 races; the races were won by Antoine Albeau, Björn Dunkerbeck and Ross Williams won already 2 races. Other sailors who were sailing really strong in Austria  are Gabriele Browne, Costa Hoevel, Finian Maynard, Julien Quentel, Kevin Pritchard and the Moussilmani Bros. For the Austrian sailors it was really difficult to compete against world’s best slalom racers. Chris Pressler and Frank Lewisch came to the second round in some races, the other Austrians failed already in the first rounds. Manuel (Zugsbratl AUT 230) did a good job in his first PWA competition and quitted his heats on 6th places. But in the other days only one race has got started but couldn’t be finished because of insufficient wind. Finally Ross Williams won the event in front of Antoine Albeau and Gonzalo Costa Hoevel. Julien Quentel got 4th and Björn Dunkerbeck 5th.  The Austrian Sailors did quite well, best Austrian Sailor was Chris Pressler, who finished the event on the 36th place, Markus Pöltenstein got 40th and Frank Lewisch 41th.

Manuel Zugsbratl finished his first PWA Event on the 49th place and was very happy about that. Max Schanda was very disappointet about his 53th place.

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