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Freestyle Classix Podersdorf Day 2

Skippersmeeting at 9:00h and the competition continued on 9:45h. Against the forecast, the wind was stronger and not so gusty than yesterday. The Double Domination could be finished around 13:00h. Man of the Day was for sure Chris Sammer who won 7 heats in a row and finally became 4th. The 3rd place goes to Raimondo Gasperini from Italy, the second place to Tonky Frans from Aruba and Nicolas Akgazcyon could defend his win of the Single Elimination.

The Final Results:
1. Nicolas Akgazcyon
2. Tonky Frans
3. Raimondo Gasperini
4. Chris Sammer
5. Michi Rossmeier
6. Andre Paskowski
7. Frank Lewisch
7. Edvan Souza de Pedro
9. Daniel Bikich
9. Tine Slabe
9. Arnold Digruber
9. Andrea Rosati
13. Jan Sude
13. Marko Simic
13. Ruben Petrisie
13. Manuel Grafenauer

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