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Easterskiing Day 9

Yesterday we were again skiing in Flachawinkl/Zachensee which was really great, because there were really less people. Snow, Sun and fun! Today we went back home to Vienna but went skiing to Schladming before. The park wasn’t shaped very well, so I overshooted the first kicker and landed in the flat, which wasn’t nice for my feet, but luckily nothig has happened. Although I have had pain in my right foot I continued doing some difficult rails and finally I shreded all rails really constant and nice without crashing. In the afternoon it has become a little bit cloudy but for the last hour of skiing this year the sun has come back. Finally, sitting already at home, I have to say, we had really great 9 days of skiing. I learned a lot and have overcome my fear of high 360°s.

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