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Easterskiing Day 7

Yesterday we were skiing in Flachau/Wagrain to do some slopeskiing, which was great fun too.
Today we went to Flachauwinkl to the Absolut Park again. I started with a little Jib Session, doing some small rails and little jumps, in the lower part of the park but then decided to do some big air jumps in the upper part. I warmed up on a medium kicker with 5 meter table and then moved to a bigger one with a table about 10 or 12 meters, which was really great. I never did such massive 360s before but it was great fun and not to hard, although I crashed some. Afterwards I was really stoked, because I saw on the pics how high these jumps were. Check out the pics from these jumps, I think some of them were really great.

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