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Easterskiing – Day 2

Today we went back to our roots, skiing in St.Johann/Alpendorf and Wagrain/Grafenberg. 17 years ago I learned skiing in this ski resort but we haven’t skied there the last 10 years. When we arrived at the top of the mountain we were really astonished because we nearly didn’t detect it. In the last 10 years St.Johann got a lot of new lifts and slopes and a funpark. I heard a lot of this funpark in the last years and so I was really excited to see it. I always heard how great and how huge it is but when I sawed the park I was really disappointed because it’s not huge and not so great. In the upper part, there is a small kickerline with some mini kickers and one really massive kicker, which was too hard for me. In the lower part, there are some rails, but the only interesting one was a high curved box. Much more interesting than the park were the wonderful slopes in the valleys of St.Johann and Wagrain.
Check out the pics to see the action.

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