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Easterskiing Day 1

Early in the morning, around 6 o’clock, we left Vienna for our easter holidays. At 9 o’clock we reached Haus im Ennstal. I was really excited to check out the new Atomic Superpark Planai in Schladming so we skied from Haus/Ennstal to the next mountain, Schladming. I was really exhausted when I saw the park for the first time because it looks really good, better than I imagined. Massive kickers and difficult rails but also something for experienced skiers and beginners. I started to shred the easy boxes first like a small rainbow box, kinked box or some flat boxes. There were so much of these small rails, it was really fun. Clemens trained instead his fakie 180s and 360s with success. Then I decided to move to the more difficult rails, like a long curved box and some double kinked boxes. I had a lot of problems to do them constantly. One time I did it perfect, the next time I crashed hard. One of these crashes was really worse and I hurt one or two rips bad. But I had back luck and could continue skiing after a little break, although it hurts by every breath. I didn’t continue trying these rails and trained on my rotation jumps. When we went to Eben (Salzburg) in the evening, where we will stay during our holidays, I was really stoked because it was such great fun in the park.

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