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Epic Conditions in Podersdorf

The forecast for Podersdorf for today was amazing, 20-25 knots from South to Southwest. So we left Vienna around half past 9 to get on the water early. A perfect decision because we were nearly the first ones on the water. First I took my 5.3 but was fully overpowered, so 30 minutes later I decided to take the 4,7. The wind gets stronger and for me it was really hard to hold the sail but I did it quite well and could land some Airjibes. In Podersdorf I met some friends like Max and Manuel from the Technikum. Around midday it became really gusty and I was already really exhausted so we decided to went back home. Back home I checked the wind statistic from today and saw, that we had an average wind of 30 – 35 Knots and gust up to 50 Knots or 10 Bft.

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