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Sun and rain again !

Today in the morning it was really sunny and nice, so we started to walk to Finikounda. The small river, we all know from summer, was after the huge rain in the last days a really big river (Check the pic). At the Alpha Surfstation we had a talk with Klaus and his wife, the owners of the surfschool. We heared lots of rumours about hotels, that should be built in the region of Pylos and Finikounda. In the Navarinobay of Pylos really huge golfplace with hotels for 20.000 guests is going to be built. Also in Finikounda a lot of hotels are planned.
But much more interesting is that in beginning of December 2 really huge waves go over the region of Finikounda. The first wave was about 6,2 metres high, the second wave about 7 metres. They destroyed a lot in Finikounda and one restaurant was even completely destroyed.
When we decided to walk on, it has already started to rain, so we returned to our appartement. In the afternoon we went to Finikounda by car to shoot some pictures. In the evening we returned to Finikounda to eat at „Tokyma“.

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