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Happy New Year !

First I want to say that the year 2008 was really successfull for us. We had a lot of visitors, and especially for the Podersdorf coverage we got a lot of positive feedback. Our reports about the Surfworldcup was read by more thant 10.000 people, our eventvideo watched by more than 20.000 people. Solong, we wish you a Happy New Year 2009.

Today we want to relax the whole day, so we woke up on 10, had a breakfast and then went to Tsapi with the car. It’s a trip of half an hour to this lonely beach. In the summer there is a lot of motorboat traffic because there is a little taverne, but in winter it’s really silent and lonesome there.
I have to say, that we have really luck with the weather here in Finikounda, because all three days till today were really warm ( about 15-20° ) and with a lot of sun.
Today we had our lunch on the beach.

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