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Snowy Greece

When we booked the flight and the travel to Finikounda, we dreamed of seeing snow in Greece. Today in the morning we had beautiful weather, so we decided to go to Kalamata and to the Teyghetos mountains to make our dream become true. We went to Kalamata to do a little shopping tour. After lunch at a Goodys restaurant, we went to the mountains. We drove for an hour till we saw the first snow, but just on top of mountains some kilometres away. We went on driving higher and higher and were already a little bit sad that we will not see any snow today. But suddenly, in about 100 metres the landscape changes. Green trees and grass changes to white winter landscape. Crazy ? On the top of one mountain we found a little taverne, which looks a little bit like a „Skihütte“ in Austria. This tavern was about 1500 metres over the sea and it was really cold there. Check out the pictures in the pics section,
In the afternoon we drove back to Finikounda to have dinner and a little „New Year Party“!

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