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Camping Ammos, Koroni and a swim in the sea

Today was our first day here in Finikounda. In the morning we went to Camping Ammos, where we always stay in summer. We walked around the campsite but it looks so strange for us? We know all the places but it don’t look like normal. Everything is green instead of brown. We met some other campers from Austria and Germany and we met Nikos and Perikles, the owners of Camping Ammos. They were really surprised that we were here in winter. They were a little bit sad because we don’t stay on their campsite. When we were back from our walk to Camping Ammos, we went to Koroni by car. We could shoot really beautiful pictures of the bay of Finikounda and of the snowfields on the Taighettos mountains. After lunch we drove back to our appartement and decided to go swimming. Because Brigitta was already freezing, although it has about 15 degrees in the sun, Ewald and me went to the beach to go to the water. The water wasn’t too cold, but the airtemperature wasn’t too high, so it felt really cold. Actually I am learning for my study, while Ewald and Brigitta went to the supermarket to buy some food. In the evening we will go to Finikounda for dinner. Check out the picturegallery.

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