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SWC Podersdorf 2008

The wind was the main actor of the Surfworldcup 2008 in Podersdorf. Everybody was waiting if he came, and he came.
Summerfeeling in Podersdorf, thousands of people arrived at the lake to the 10th Worldcup here in Poderdorf. This year the hosts tried to present windsurfing and not only the party. And I think they were successfull. It was the first tourstop for the freestyle pros. Hot rhytms on the beach and Action on the water were preprogrammed when prowindsurfers from all countries of the world arrived at the „Gatschlak’n“.
The windsurfpros had some days to check the Beacharea and the Beachbabes before the contest started. The competiton really started on Saturday. Saturday morning heavy gusts woke up all pros, read flag, contest was on at 8 o’clock. The wind was really gusty and so Headjudge Duncan Coon has to cancel and restart some heats.
Especially the austrians has lots of bad luck, Michi Sumereder has to compete against lightwind specialist Kiri Thode from Aruba, Michi Rossmeier against worldchampion Brawzinho. (Both Austrians lost their heats). The competition went on on sunday. Some minutes before the final heats started, the wind died and it looked like there would be no result here in Podersdorf. In the afternoon the wind donates the hosts 20 minutes, so the single elimination could be finished and Gollito and Brawzinho showed crazy action a few metres in front of the crowd. In the end Gollito won the event in Podersdorf in front of Marcilio Browne, Tonky Frans and Anxton Oteagui. Best Austrians were Michi Sumereder and Michi Rossmeier on 9th places.

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